Chas has a question: “How much time should I spend coming up with a clever title for my Strava activity?”

Well, how important are kudos to you? Personally I’d rate kudos as more important than just about anything except beer. So the amount of time coming up with a title for your activity is ideally a balance between how tired you are after your next workout and when you are getting your next beer. Of course you could probably kill two birds with one stone and think of a clever title for your activity while consuming a beer. But only one. Any more beers than that and you’ll probably forget all about your Strava activity. [opens another beer] What was I talking about?

Chad asks “Brolympus, I’ve recently joined Strava and there is something called “kudos”. What is a kudos?”

Haha, typical newbie error there, Chad. “Kudos” is actually the plural form of “Kudotu.” You get a Kudotu when you had a really good run, where good means you either puked multiple times or suffered a fall that drew blood. Who gives Kudos? All the other runners on Strava who are following you. The trick is to get them to “follow” you. I would suggest wearing extremely revealing clothing during your runs.

Chad asks a question: “Brolympus, what’s the deal with runners who, according to Strava, run over 40,000 meters in elevation gain in just over two weeks? I’m not sure how many Mt. Everests that is, but I’ll bet it’s a lot. Are these runners actually mountain goats or bighorn sheep with GPS devices attached to their little hooves?”
40,000 meters! That sure sounds like a lot! But remember that it is in metric, so no one really knows how high it is. I’m pretty sure it’s at least 500 feet, though. That’s taller than the Empire State Building! How do these people do it? I bet some of them live in the Empire State Building and just leave their GPSs on when they are in the elevator. If someone has months or weeks when they only climb, say, 500 meters, and then all the sudden they enter the Strava Climbing Challenge and rack up 40,000 meters, you might think they are cheating, but they probably just moved into the Empire State Building. The folks you really need to be suspicious of are the ones who live in the mountains, log crazy hilly miles every day, and pepper their feeds with pictures of spectacular mountain vistas. There’s got to be some funny business going on there!