Lately I’ve noticed that some of the people I used to consider to be my friends hardly even talk to me any more. Sure, they’re still “friends” on Facebook or “followers” on Tumblr, but what does that mean? Will they share a ridiculous photo about pseudoscience if I ask them to? Will they say “amen” to my nonsensical political rant? If I can’t rely on a friend to do that, what CAN I rely on them to do? Then I noticed that some of my friends were posting viral “Friendship Tests” that their “real” friends were supposed to paste onto their own page. Shallowly, I realized what I really want is a piece of that action. So I came up with my OWN viral image. Do yourself a favor and do as the image says. I can’t say for sure if it will work, but I DO know it won’t work if you don’t try it!