Chas from North Carolina asks “Brolympus, there’s a lot of debate circulating about proper footstrike when running. What’s your take? Midfoot? Heel strike? Other? Please tell us what the most efficient footsrike is.”
Finally, an easy question. So glad it doesn’t involve the metric system! You see, the foot is a relatively simple dynamic system, with just 22 bones, 63 muscles, and 6,517 nerve cells. If it was a complicated system, you might feel like just throwing up your hands and saying “do whatever feels best.” But with footstrike, that is ABSOLUTELY NOT THE WAY TO GO! In fact, when things start to hurt, you know you’re probably getting near the right track.
If you’re a serious runner, you should be changing your footstrike two or three times a month based on the latest scientific research. Keep your browser pointed to the Pubmed database to get real-time updates on the peer-reviewed literature on the subject. Once you’ve found out what cutting-edge researchers say, then just apply that work to your stride length, cadence, camber, heel drop, insole, and shoe choice. It doesn’t have to be too precise — round your results to the third decimal place and you should be fine. Enjoy!