The reviews for Brolympus’ Guide to Running Marathons are in and they are unanimous! All of them give the book FIVE STARS! Here’s just a brief sampling from one of the reviews*:

“I laughed my way through this whole book. If you are a runner, or know a runner (or a cyclist or god forbid, a triathlete) then this is the perfect book for you. Forget those other running books written by ‘experts’, I can’t wait to start my training the Brolympus way!!”

Note as well that there are TWO exclamation marks. That’s twice as good as one!

*Technically this is the only review. And I copied the entire thing here. But if you’ve purchased the book and you are prepared to give it five stars and two or more exclamation marks, please add your review to the Amazon page for the book. Otherwise forget you ever saw this.

I’ve written a book! “Brolympus’ Guide to Running Marathons” covers everything you need to know to run a marathon. Mark your calendars and make sure your credit card’s below your purchasing limit by 11/11/15!