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Brolympus is a non-runner who likes to give running advice. Brolympus has run 3 marathons: Two 5k marathons and an undie run marathon.

How did Brolympus get started offering advice to runners? Here’s how he tells it in his book:

Not long ago, I noticed that all the annoying nerds I tried to ignore back in high school were on Facebook, and they were all talking about these awesome marathons they were running all the time, so I signed up for one of them to see what the fuss was all about.

You might think that the Davidson Undie Marathon would be a lot of fun, and it was great to see lots of fit people standing around in their underwear. But then they all started running. I started running too, but after a few hundred yards I remembered that my doctor had told me running was bad for your knees. Also, my woolen long underwear was beginning to chafe.

That was enough to convince me that long-distance running is a horrible idea and no one should ever run more than six miles. I’ve been giving running advice ever since!

Brolympus now presides over a massive empire under the auspices of Brolympus Enterprises. Of course he doesn’t have time for day-to-day nonsense so please direct all inquiries to his Ghost Writer and Chief Operating Officer:

Dave Munger
COO, Brolympus Enterprises
112 South Faulkner Way
Davidson, NC 28036