I tried Zwift for the first time today. Here is my review. Well technically, here is the transcript of what I was muttering to myself as I tried it out, but you get the idea. So to work Zwift you don’t just need Zwift. Zwift isn’t anything but an app for your iPad. First you need a bike and a smart trainer and how does this thing go on there? Oh you have to take the wheel off. Okay, I got that done, but now it doesn’t fit…oh, okay, I have to unscrew this thing first and then put it on there. Now I just get on it and ride. Wait, is there a cord or something? Oh yeah, here it is. Plug this thing in and we are ready to go. But first we have to download the app to the iPad. Oops, not enough room. I’ll just delete these old apps I never use any more and voila! What? Zwift isn’t compatible with my iPad? Okay, I’ll just put it on my computer. Well, first I’ll wait ten minutes for it to download and THEN……. Now it works! Now I just have to pair it with my trainer, and my heart rate meter, and my cadence sensor. This is almost as easy as just riding a bike! Now I hop on the bike and start riding with all my Zwift friends. Zwift says there are 2,000 people riding with me right now, but I don’t see any of them. Maybe I just need to catch up to them. I’ll ride a little faster. Hello? Anybody home? There’s a guy walking his dog, but no bikers. Okay, I’ll just reach over my handlebars and google how to see the other bikers in Zwift, and… WHOAH! almost knocked the computer off the stand! Back to typing… Okay Google, what do you say? NO INTERNET CONNECTION? All right, I’ll just troubleshoot that while I coast. HEY! My speed’s down to 2 miles per hour! You can’t stop pedaling on this thing or your average speed goes to pot. OK, I think I figured out the internet thing, and…HEY BUSTER, WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING! Now 500 cyclists are passing me all at once. How am I ever going to keep up? Oh, I passed one guy who was stopped at the side of the road. Maybe he had to use the bathroom. I got no time for that, I gotta keep my average pace up! Now I passed someone who is actually riding! Yay! Oh no wait, that’s a runner. CMON there’s got to be someone on this stupid app slower than me. I’ll just google how to go faster on Zwift. AH, now I see, just enter in a fake weight for yourself. I must have weighed 45 pounds at some point in my life. Brilliant! This is fun! I’m passing everyone! Okay now I’m tired and hungry and want some pizza. I think I’ll try that again sometime. Maybe next year.