Brolympus Gear & More Stuff to Buy!

Do you love reading about Brolympus on the internet but wish there was some way to experience his awesomeness when you don’t have a computer or smartphone? You’re in luck!

Sign up for the Brolympus 5K Marathon!

That’s right, Brolympus has a marathon on September 2, 2017! It’s a long one: 5K, which is over two miles! Don’t worry, though, because there will be aid stations with water and DONUTS to sustain you along your arduous journey. When you’re ready for the pain to stop, you can run another mile and you’ll be at the finish line, where there will be coffee, beer, food, music, and more water. Runners can’t seem to get enough water, so we’ll have a water balloon drop along the course too! Click Here to Register.

Buy Brolympus’s Book!

What better way to learn about running marathons than to have a non-runner mansplain it to you? Brolympus’s Guide to Running Marathons is the ideal book for anyone stupid enough to think it’s a good idea to run long distances without stopping when there’s a perfectly good Über app right there on their phone.

Buy a Brolympus Mug!

This is the best thing for someone who wants to see a picture of Brolympus next to some of his best quotes while drinking coffee and reading Brolympus’s Facebook page! Click here to order!

Buy a Team Brolympus Racing Shirt!

You own the mug and the book, but you can’t wear those to your marathon, so click here and order a shirt in one of dozens of styles! Brolympus especially likes the Women’s New Balance Workout Tank Top.