Brolympus Gear & More Stuff to Buy!

Do you love reading about Brolympus on the internet but wish there was some way to experience his awesomeness when you don’t have a computer or smartphone? You’re in luck!


Buy Brolympus’s Book!

What better way to learn about running marathons than to have a non-runner mansplain it to you? Brolympus’s Guide to Running Marathons is the ideal book for anyone stupid enough to think it’s a good idea to run long distances without stopping when there’s a perfectly good Über app right there on their phone.

Buy a Brolympus Mug!

This is the best thing for someone who wants to see a picture of Brolympus next to some of his best quotes while drinking coffee and reading Brolympus’s Facebook page! Click here to order!

Buy a Team Brolympus Racing Shirt!

You own the mug and the book, but you can’t wear those to your marathon, so click here and order a shirt in one of dozens of styles! Brolympus especially likes the Women’s New Balance Workout Tank Top.