Chad asks a question that has perplexed serious runners for generations: “After a workout, do I check in to Strava or Facebook first?” I’ve seen some tough questions in my day, but it doesn’t get any headier than this one. You might as well ask why the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East (or is it the other way around?). One is yin, the other is yang. One is carbs, the other is protein. One is Taco Bell, the other is Chipotle. They are both essential. So how to proceed? And whither Instagram, wherefore Pinterest? What does the fox say? Your run didn’t happen if it’s not on Strava, but your non-running friends might not find out about it if it’s not on Facebook.
After your run, dripping with sweat, you pull your phone from its protective ziploc, struggling to log in while the phone nearly slides through your slickened fingertips. Do you press the “Strava” button or the “Facebook” icon? Do you selfie before or after posting? Here lies the answer. Strava allows you to add the selfie after you post the run, but Facebook requires the photo in order to make it a part of the post. The proper sequence is this: Strava, Selfie, Facebook. Always.

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