Hey, Brolympians!

I’m on the way to my first foreign county, and it’s one of the foreignest of them all: India! I’m looking forward to giving running advice to everyone I meet in India, though, never having visited there, it’s quite possible that Indians are much smarter than Americans and therefore don’t engage in such frivolities as long-distance running.

Maybe running in India is like cricket in America: A sport you’ve vaguely heard of and possibly seen on TV, but you’re still not sure anyone would actually have the patience or persistence to do something so boring for so long.

I have been assured that the Internet is functional in India, so I look forward to sharing some of my thoughts about India here, along with my usual words of wisdom for runners. There will probably be a delay before my posts resume because it will take me some time to adapt to the peculiar ways of India. I’m quite sure my toughest challenge will be mastering the metric system. Once I’ve got that, the rest should be pretty easy. See you soon!